Blaue Stun­de – God at Twi­light: Sunday Night Wor­s­hip Service

Join us Sundays at 9 pm for our wee­kly wor­s­hip ser­vice. We meet at St. Paul’s Church (Kir­che St. Paul), in the Königs­wie­sen area of Regens­burg. Soft ligh­t­ing, cand­les, and still­ness of the twi­light hour (»Blaue Stun­de«) crea­te a uni­que atmo­s­phe­re for our ser­vice. The music is most­ly con­tem­pora­ry, but choirs and bands some­ti­mes drop in to help us wor­s­hip in a varie­ty of styles – from clas­si­cal to gos­pel to jazz. After the ser­vice, stick around for drinks and fair tra­de snacks orga­ni­zed by AK Unifair.

The name “Blaue Stun­de” refers to the time of day bet­ween sun­set and darkness. Our ser­vice brings Sunday to an end and pre­pa­res us for the week to come. It is spe­cial­ly desi­gned for stu­dents and employees at uni­ver­si­ties and col­le­ges in Regens­burg, and we also wel­co­me other young adults loo­king for a uni­que, night-time wor­s­hip experience.

How to get to St. Paul’s

The Num­ber 8 bus

  • gets to Klen­ze­stra­ße at 22 and 52 minu­tes past the hour
  • lea­ves Klen­ze­stra­ße at 03 or 33 minu­tes past the hour (no ser­vice after 23.33)

The Num­ber 10 bus

  • gets to St. Paul’s at 10 and 40 minu­tes past the hour
  • lea­ves St. Paul’s at 28 minu­tes past the hour (no ser­vice after 23.28)
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