»Set free for freedom«

Campusgemeinde Regensburg

Campusgemeinde is brought to you by the Catholic and Protestant University Chaplaincies of Regensburg

Mission Statement

The university chaplaincies KHG & ESG are open places for all students, teachers and employees at the Regensburg universities. We invite you to celebrate church service with us, to reflect on current developments at universities, in our society and in the church sector, and to experience an enriching community. Everything we stand for can also be found in our ecumenical


We warmly welcome everyone. We want to be a »Church without fear«. We have room for everyone -  no matter what you believe, no matter who you love, no matter what gender you feel you belong to, no matter where you come from. Respecting the dignity of each individual is very important to us. We see an appreciative exchange of different opinions and discussions at eye level as an enrichment for the entire community. The diversity and uniqueness of all human beings are gifts from God, which is why discrimination has no place with us  Has.


Landschaft Nebel Gras Mond

Lent 2022

We accom­pa­ny you through Lent and intro­du­ce you to two ways to get inspi­ra­ti­on week after week.

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Are you new to cam­pus or have you just not explo­red all the many hid­den pla­ces? Then our digi­tal bud­dy pro­gram is just right for you!

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News from the cam­pus community

Lei­der wur­den kei­ne Bei­trä­ge gefunden.

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