New here?

Wel­co­me to Cam­pus­ge­mein­de Regensburg!

  • New on campus?
  • Want to get to know inte­res­t­ing fel­low students?
  • Loo­king for a church ser­vice desi­gned for young adults, a chan­ce to chat with others about faith, or other oppor­tu­ni­ties to deepen your spi­ri­tu­al life?
  • Do you have an idea you’d like to see beco­me a reality?
  • Are you loo­king for someone to talk to?

We have some­thing for ever­yo­ne! Brow­se our web­site, cont­act us, ask ques­ti­ons or just come by!

Whe­re do I start if I don’t know anyone?

Come to our weekly wor­ship ser­vice on Sun­day. Or join us for our mid-week gathe­ring, which starts every Tues­day at 7:15pm. Or drop by our café at the Uni­ver­si­ty, which is cal­led “pan­ta rhei” and is loca­ted in the “Stu­die­ren­den­haus.”

At the start of each semes­ter we also have spe­cial events for new­co­mers, inclu­ding a Wel­co­me Night and a gui­ded tour of the city.

You can wri­te to the KHG or ESG staff or stu­dent lea­ders and ask ques­ti­ons, too!

What sort of things can I do?

At the Cam­pus­ge­mein­de, you’ll find a wide varie­ty of events and opportunities:

  • Oppor­tu­ni­ties to cul­ti­va­te your spi­ri­tu­al life, like our »Blaue Stun­de« on Sun­days, Tues­day evening ser­vices, mor­ning pray­er on cam­pus, Tai­ze ser­vices, and Prai­se & Wor­ship gatherings
  • Com­mu­ni­ty acti­vi­ties like excur­si­ons, our Tues­day evening gathe­ring, hiking trips and game nights
  • Inte­res­t­ing events explo­ring cur­rent social, socie­tal or r

Do I have to be Catho­lic or Protestant?

No, ever­y­thing is open to all stu­dents and staff of Regens­burg uni­ver­si­ties. Ecu­me­ni­cal and inter-reli­gious dia­lo­gue are also important to us, as is tal­king to peo­p­le wit­hout a reli­gious back­ground! You can read more about our values in our mis­si­on statement!

Do I have to beco­me a member?

No, ever­y­thing is open to anyo­ne who would like to come, when­ever you feel like it and find the time!

Can I get invol­ved in orga­ni­zing things?

Of cour­se! We wel­co­me all ide­as and initia­ti­ves and sup­port them! The KHG and ESG are inte­res­ted in you and your ideas.

What if I need support?

Our team is always available for advice and sup­port. We can also offer a limi­t­ed amount of assis­tance in finan­cial emergen

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