pray eat love

In the sum­mer of 2015, we at the KHG were try­ing to find a mot­to and a new adver­ti­sing idea for our com­mu­ni­ty evening. From a spon­ta­neous thought, lite­ral­ly bet­ween door and hin­ge, we came up with the three title words of the well-known film »Eat Pray Love« with Julia Roberts. Accor­ding to the idea, the three words ide­al­ly descri­be the three parts of our weekly church evening. This beg­ins every Tues­day at 7:15 p.m. in the KHG cha­pel on Wei­her­weg with a ser­vice. After­wards the­re will be din­ner tog­e­ther and then it will be a cozy evening with lots of nice con­ver­sa­ti­ons, music, table foot­ball and much more…

From the initi­al thought to the actu­al imple­men­ta­ti­on, howe­ver, the­re were still some dis­cus­sions and small adjus­t­ments were neces­sa­ry. First of all, it is noti­ceable that we natu­ral­ly had to adjust the order of the words a bit in order to do jus­ti­ce to the cour­se of our com­mu­ni­ty evening. So Eat-Pray-Love beca­me: Pray-Eat-Love.

We also dealt inten­si­ve­ly with the indi­vi­du­al words and asked our­sel­ves how the slo­gan and the indi­vi­du­al terms might be recei­ved? Espe­ci­al­ly on Love, the spi­rits have also divorced. What do we want to express with this? What do you think is meant by love at church evening? The fear of misun­derstan­dings was gre­at. Ulti­m­ate­ly, howe­ver, we also agreed: who, if not us, should, inde­ed must, occu­py the topic of (neigh­bor­ly) love! On our church evenings we spend a lot of time tog­e­ther, fri­end­ships deve­lop, we sing and laugh – to put it sim­ply: we enjoy life tog­e­ther. We love life and live our faith with gre­at joy and love for God and peo­p­le. That’s why we agreed to allow love in the cen­tral slo­gan of our church evening.

And the reac­tions sin­ce then have pro­ved us right!

In the mean­ti­me, our Pray​.Eat​.Love slo­gan has beco­me an inte­gral part of the com­mu­ni­ty evening and also of the KHG Regens­burg. It is even fin­ding its way into other KHG events and adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als. It is also the most popu­lar design in our own KHG mer­chan­di­se online shop.

We hope that you too will like our slogan


likes, makes you curious and invi­tes you to visit our com­mu­ni­ty evening! In any case, we look for­ward to see­ing you!

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Every Tues­day at 7:15 p.m. we begin the church evening of the KHG with a ser­vice in our cha­pel. After­wards the­re is a deli­cious din­ner in the café and ple­nty of oppor­tu­ni­ty to cele­bra­te tog­e­ther, meet fri­ends, get to know new peo­p­le or sim­ply spend a nice evening play­ing table foot­ball, bil­li­ards and chatting.

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